Why Is It So Crucial To Know About International Poker Rules?

Play poker online

Play poker online

The game of Poker is extensively played all over the world. Hence the standardized rules and regulations that govern the game must be known to all players and other individuals involved in the game. Even for those who play poker online on gaming websites, these rules act as a standard code of practice while playing the game.

Stakeholders in the Game of Poker

Poker is played in the brick and mortar set-ups of casinos and gaming clubs and the online gaming websites that promote the game. Various websites encourage Poker enthusiasts to play the game. This makes it quite evident that there are several people involved in the game. From the website owners to the players, different people are involved in the Poker games.  Knowing the game’s international rules makes it easy to follow a fair, transparent, and friendly playing environment for all individuals involved in the game.

The International Poker Rules by FIDPA

‘The International Poker Rules’ or IP Rules comprise the technical rules, policies, and procedures. It is a set of 79 different regulations that provide the poker gaming industry and its players with a standardized set of guidelines for tournaments to train, operate, and play the game. The Federation Internationale de Poker Association or FIDPA, created the IP Rules to encourage fairness and provide uniformity in tournaments and card rooms both online and physical worldwide.

A Fundamental Guideline for Globally

The IP Rules by FIDPA provide all-new, novice, and professional players with the basics needed to acquire knowledge, play Poker online and participate in the tournaments held in casinos and online gaming sites worldwide. As an official resource, this set of technical guidelines and standard procedures facilitates the industry to train and operate with consistency worldwide.

Modifications May Exist at Times

In consideration of a gaming site or venue’s House Rules, complying to their State, Federal, and Country laws, regulations, statutes, and their jurisdictional gaming control board, all gaming rules, policies, and procedures of Poker games are subject to the modifications made to The IP Rules. Before the tournament commencement, the director and management are responsible for modifying, announcing, and bringing to notice any alterations made to the IP Rules.

A Standard Set of Rules During Gameplay

All Poker players must be encouraged to be fully aware of the IP Rules to follow them and abide by the rules of play during their game. All the rules, procedures, and policies modified, deleted, or even added to the International Poker Rules will mandatorily take precedence during the tournaments. FIDPA will follow the IP Rules for players for their non-commercial use and the official use by FIDPA Endorsed casinos, card rooms, tournaments to strictly ensure the integrity of a single set of international tournament rules and leagues.

Upholding Honesty and Integrity While Playing

The game of Poker relies on an individual’s integrity to play in a fair manner and to abide by the rules. It also applies to the casinos and online gaming companies’ management and staff to be consistent and honest in their operations and rulings. All players must mandatorily conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating the highest standards of sportsmanlike behaviour at all times. If a sudden discrepancy or violation occurs, it is the Tournament Director’s right and responsibility to interpret how a rule will apply and must apply fairness as their top priority in the decision-making process. A player must never benefit from their violation or an error caused by their action. An unintentional mistake should be considered less severe than a deliberate breach and also ruled as such. Thus, it will become possible for all Poker players to follow a universal set of rules and enjoy the game entirely.


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