What Are The Factors You Should Consider Before Bluffing Your Opponents?

Online poker real money

Online poker real money

Bluffing is a powerful strategy used to gain a competitive edge over the competition. It is important to learn how to apply deception techniques when playing online poker real money against the opponents to outsmart them.
Bluff is a bet/ raise that is made with the intention of making others fold their hand which is better than your in-hand cards. The success of a bluff depends on the player’s ability to get information about the strength of the opponent’s hand and potential moves by keeping an eye on betting pattern, changes in behavior and tendencies. Reading opponent’s intentions is important to get into his mindset.
Bluffing too much can be also harmful for your bankroll. Poker is a game of wits. In this game, you don’t only play your cards, but play the situation on the table. So the better you know your opponent, the better gameplan you can make to beat him. Firstly, you need to find out what type of player he is like Rock, calling station, TAG, LAG, how often he folds, what type of hand he plays etc. If you want to win the game, pay attention to the happenings on the table before deciding to bluff. If you bluff every time, you will soon become predictable for others who can call your bluff down easily. In this way, you become readable on the table and destroy your table image with your own hands.
Position on the table determines your ability to extract maximum information from your opponents. Late position is the best on if you want to try bluff. Another thing that you need to pay attention is to determine how opponents see you as a player. You can actually put their perception about you to good use and improve the chances of your bluff being successful by experimenting with your gameplay. It is important to read the table image of your opponent’s to figure out how susceptible he is to your bluff.
Some of the other factors that you need to consider are opponent’s current chip stack, size of bets/ raise and betting history of the hand. Playing freeroll tables is the best way to practice bluffing skills before you switch to real money games.
You need to be cautious when you bluff against a beginner. The failure of your bluff is likely high against the amateurs as they tend to get involved in the pot in every hand. They bet, call and raise every bet no matter of their hand strength. So it is important to make a move after proper assessment of opponent’s level of skills and experience.


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