Want To Become A Poker Pro- Know How To Play Poker

How to play poker

How to play poker

If you love to play poker-related games, you should know how to play poker, the history of playing poker, card rules, and strategies. Poker is one of the most popular card games that require strategy, gambling skills, and tactics to win. The winner of this game is determined by the sequence and combination of cards the player has in hand.

The History of Poker Game

Poker is considered an ancient game that is about 1000 years old. However, researchers do not know the origin of the game. Some historians say that it is an old card game played by people in the Chinese dynasty in the 10th century. Some other claim that ancient Persian games adapted it. Several versions of pokers are available for players to choose from online. A few variants of poker are Five Card Draw, Seven Card Stud, and Texas Holdem game. Among these three variants, Five Card Draw is the simplest and recent variant of poker that became popular in 1970 after featuring poker games.

How You Can Play Poker-

Different variants of poker have different rules that you should keep in mind while learning to play this game. Some of the basic poker rules are-

It is a card game that uses 52 card deck
Minimum you need two players to play poker
The dealer mainly distributes two cards to each one of the players
The distribution of cards start in an anti-clockwise manner, which means that the player who is sitting left to the dealer will get cards first and so on
The 1st player who will get the cards has the option to bet any amount he wants
He can also pass his turn without betting
If the player bets, the other players have three options- calling, folding, and raising
Calling means putting the amount of the stake in the pot
Folding means that you no longer bet any amount of money and will not be putting any money in the pot
Raising means to have a more fantastic bet and put more money in the pot
This process continues till the last player has made the call
After the dealer places three cards on board, they can be used by any player. this process is called the flop
After this, another player gets a chance to call or hold. The dealer will then put the 4th card known as the turn, and again the game continues
The dealer sets the forward the 5th card, and it is called a river

The Craze of Online Poker

These days, with the advent of the internet, the craze for online poker has increased. When playing online poker, you can make unlimited options to play.

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