Signs That You Tired And Should Leave The Poker Table

Poker online free

Poker online free

There are times when your body seeks rest, no matter how amazing the poker session is going. Acing your poker skills and learning to win cash is a good thing. It is also important to recalibrate your senses by taking off from poker and giving the body some rest. The adrenaline rush and thrill you get from poker keep you playing for many hours so it is normal to feel drowsy. 

As poker is demanding, it is advised to play with a relaxed approach. Poker enthusiasts who play poker online free or for cash knows the fact that their love for the game often impairs their ability to make decisions if they should leave the poker table. Understand the signs and leave the table to give the body some rest. 

Excessive eye blinking 

Blinking of eyes is a natural reflex that protects the eyes from dryness and regulates tears to provide nourishment to the surface of the eye. Some other factors like anxiety, stress, or fatigue can lead to an increase in eye blinking as well. If your eyes are blinking excessively, it means the eyes are tired of constant focusing. 

Yawning frequently 

Yawning continuously is a sign of fatigue that means you are sleep deprivation. Some are short and some last for several seconds. If you are yawning excessively, leave the table and have a good sleep. 

Experiencing tilt and anger 

Another sign of fatigue is when you start tilting much easier or faster than usual. You will get angry or will have emotional fluctuations over small things. You can also get into conflict with people around you or feel an irritation without any reason. It is time to leave the table and give yourself time to recollect your senses. 

Experiencing blurry vision 

When you are tired mentally, you can face issues with the visual system, in the form of refractive errors. You will feel like closing your eyes or soothing them with eye drops to get a temporary sense of relief. If you are experiencing temporary blurry vision when playing, leave the game and soothe your eyes with eye drops. 

The key objective of playing poker is to have fun and not put stress on physical and mental health.  Sometimes it will be difficult for you to resist the temptation of playing the game even when you are sleep deprived or tired. So it is advised to call it quits and bounce back with greater energy. 


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