Poker Tips for Beginners

Poker Tips For Beginners

There exists a lot of online poker tutorials, blogs, articles and books that teach us about the dos and dont’s of poker. Not only because poker is a popular game, but also because it is a tricky game which is rather laborious to master. If you’re just starting, then there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind, as well as master, to gain expertise in the game. Let’s begin with some tips, shall we?

     Know the rules of the game

Honestly, the game isn’t as complicated as people portray it to be. Once you learn and cram the underlying strategies and make them work in your favour, it becomes a piece of cake. But there is only one rule to expertise in the game- practice, which brings us to the next point.

Rules of the game


Knowing all the rules and regulations like the back of your hand is not essential. What is important is how you use these rules and regulations work in your favour and let the opponents eat crow! Whether it is playing with your friends, or online for no real money, practising is the key which will make you look like a professional during the actual game.

     Familiarize with hand rankings

Hand ranking is the challenging part of playing poker. Most beginners struggle in this field of choosing between straights and flushes, which honestly can be a lot confusing than it actually sounds. Again, the only way to overcome this confusion is to cram the hand rankings and practice it, every time, you play the game.

     Start at low stakes

This does not interest many people, but you need to understand that poker is not about losing money without putting in ample effort to win. It is about learning the strategies and winning. Moreover, playing at lower stakes having their own perks. When you’re playing with lesser money, you’re not in fear of losing a lot of money. Hence you can try different tricks and strategies. Also, once the game precedes further, so do the stakes, therefore eventually you will be playing for higher stakes.


     Practice online

Practising online is the best way to make your gameplay all the more potent. Many countries do not allow their citizens to play online for money. Hence, that can be a real deal-breaker for you. You do not have to play online and lose money. Instead, you can play at higher or lower stakes. However, you wish to play without losing a penny. It is the best way to practice poker.

     Learn Poker odds

Poker odds are crucial for winning the game. You ought to be careful about all the odds stacked against you and how you can turn those odds in your favour. This also involves thinking about your opponents’ cards and learning their emotions. Card counting is a popular technique in blackjack, which is a subtle way of understanding what the opponents might have, reading their facial expressions and gestures. Although it is illegal, developing skills wouldn’t harm anyone.

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