Must Read Poker Books in 2020

Must Read Poker Books In 2020

Let’s be honest! Poker is not easy to adept, especially if you’re a new face to gambling games, it is really intimidating to understand the game from scratch. But, if you want to master the game, then you have to learn every rule and every technique of the game. Despite the popular tutorials and videos available online, books are an authoritative source of information for these poker skills. Although some books are outdated now, there is fresh content generated every year that will keep poker lovers in line with the professionals. Check out this article to discover the best poker books in 2020.

Master Micro Stakes Poker

A book by Alton Hardin, it is an excellent choice for poker lovers in the cash game realm. The 400 pages book is best suited for beginners that are willing to kickstart their poker journey without breaking a bank. It is a remarkable book with a sheer number of positive reviews.


Harrington on Hold’em

Dan Harrington writes the book, and it explains al about Hold’em poker. It is a collection of a series of poker books, with Volume 1 on the strategic play, published in 2004. In this book, Harrington talks about various critical aspects of the game like your position at the table, opponents moves and starting hands, to name a few.

Play Optimal Poker

This book by Andrew Brokos explains all about GTO play and the correct gameplay to exploit your opponents. He provides a few series of examples of toy games, to help you understand the need and how to apply GTO based strategy on poker games. The book does not promise to guide you with new strategies and how to win, but it gives a simple framework off a different perspective to the game which will help you exploit your opponents using a completely different approach.


Poker Math and preflop Workbook

It is one of the first poker book released in 2020 and is also the best book written by James Splitsuit Sweeney. It is definitely not for the poker beginners, but for experienced ones who are struggling to get their game together. Although you don’t need an IQ o 195 to understand the concepts, you need to be smart and know what you’re doing. The book teaches you the essential formulas, how to use them precisely and put to practice when necessary during sessions. The 200 pages book is also available in the form of eBook, which is also an equally valuable investment as you can save the formulas in a place and refer to them whenever necessary.

Mental Game of Poker

A book written by Jared Tendler is vital for poker development as they work directly enhancing technical poker skills and also focuses on motivational issues and lack of focus. But what is the necessity of possessing these skills if you do not apply them in real-time? Don’t worry because the book also guides readers on how to apply these newly learnt technical skills when you’re playing the game.

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