Keno Games To Play At Atlantis Casino Nevada And Win Jackpots

What are the Keno Games To Play At Atlantis Casino

Atlantis casino resort is the home to the largest progressive Keno jackpots. It is a world-class resort nestled at the base of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range and connected via sky bridge to the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. So Atlantis is ideally located on the strip in the heart of south Reno’s restaurant, shopping, and entertainment district; just minutes from championship golfing and some of the most beautiful ski resorts in America.

What You Can Play At Atlantis?

What can you play at Atlantis CasinoPlay Slots, Table Games, Poker, Races

Atlantis offers everything you’re looking for be it Keno, casino games with the latest slots and video poker machines, popular progressives and more. Also table games with 38 in total offering spacious seating, stylish décor and a new cabaret stage where you can try your hand at $3 Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Crazy Four Poker, Baccarat, Craps and much more! Atlantis is the progressive place to play featuring Pai Gow Progressive now available on all tables.

You will also find the Poker Room at Atlantis offering the region’s best games, tournaments and promotions alongside tableside dining, a self-service beverage bar, texting for seat availability and state-of-the-art flat-screen TV’s visible from every table.

Also enjoy race and sportsbook feature 50% more race betting stations in the incredible array of new wall-to-wall 75” LED flat screens and two huge 13′ x 7′ LED screens for a bigger and brighter viewing experience.

It offers the highest paying parlay cards in northern Nevada where more types of wagering include 8 cent Baseball Lines, 10 cent Hockey Lines, First Half and Halftime betting and you can bet on every major sporting event.

What Are The Keno Games To Play At Atlantis Casino?

What are the Keno Games to play at Atlantis CasinoKeno at Atlantis

There are many types of Keno games that can be enjoyed here. Right from the largest progressive Keno jackpots to the meter Keno progressive and tournaments, you will find lots of Keno fun going on here.  Also, Reno’s most exciting Keno lounge is 100% non-smoking so healthy play over here. Here below are the popular Keno games to play.

1. 9 Spot Keno Progressive

9 Spot Progressive Keno Meter9 Spot Progressive Keno Meter

All you need here is to visit Atlantis Keno Lounge for Keno games to play.  Pick 9 numbers and mark 9 pros on your ticket, minimum bet of 1.50 Watch Keno boards casino-wide or view live feed on the Atlantis Reno app or on the web and win big!

Over $9 million in progressives to more than 65,000 winners have been won till date. The Keno progressives are offered with More to the Meter where 32% from every “More to the Meter” wager goes directly into the progressive jackpot. Unlike other progressive jackpots, Atlantis’ More to the Meter Keno progressives are not capped, so there is no limit to how much you can win! “More to the Meter” progressives are exclusively at Atlantis, and guaranteed to hit right here. Put more of your wager toward Atlantis’ in-house “More to the Meter Keno Progressives”, now offering on  4-spot, 5-spot, 6-spot, 7-spot, 8-spot and 9-spot progressives.

Enjoy traditional ball keno games as well as modern computer draws.

2. Lucky you Pick 22

Lucky you Pick 22Lucky you Pick 22

$5 per game, mark 22 spots, and get rewarded for every number you catch! If you hit 20 numbers you are offered a payout of $200,000.

3. Pick 6

Pick Six KenoPick Six Keno

In this Keno game, you play 5 hours of Keno for $500 and win up to $55,000. All you need is to Pick six numbers. Watch the next fifty games to see if you’ve won!

For each game — 0 Out of 6 Pays: $5, 5 Out of 6 Pays: $155, 6 Out of 6 Pays: $55,000

Purchase tickets at the main Keno counter. Your selected numbers remain the same until your ticket is completed. No Quit Race allowed. You need to check your tickets for accuracy. All jackpots will be paid by computer-generated tickets. You must be 21 years of age to play this game.

4. Lucky Number 7

Lucky number 7Lucky number 7

You can play one hour of Keno for only $20 and can win over $100,000.

All you need is to pick seven numbers Ask for Lucky Number 7, or write “L7” on your ticket.

Watch the next ten games to see if you’ve won! For each game 4 out of 7 pays $7; 5 out of 7 pays $17; 6 out of 7 pays $777 and 7 out of 7 pays $17777.

The winner is awarded when 7 out of 7 numbers marked are drawn on 6 or more of the 10 games played and is available on the Parrot game only. One hour of Keno is defined as 10 consecutive Keno games, usually played over the course of an hour. Once the computer generated ticket is issued, the same seven number selected will play for all ten games. L7 and P3 are available on Parrot and Toucan games.

5. Parlay 3

Parlay 3Parlay 3 Keno

Now triple the fun with Parlay 3 Keno and win $10,000 for only $5. All you need is pick three numbers, ask for Parlay 3, or write “P3” on ticket Catch the same three numbers on the next two back-to-back games and win $10,000

$10,000 is awarded when all 3 numbers selected are drawn on 2 consecutive games. Wager only valid for game numbers noted on ticket. Also you need to be 21 and over to play these games.

6. Crazy 11

Crazy 11Crazy 11 Keno

In crazy 11 you need to play 30 minutes of Keno for only $20!

All you need is to pick 11 numbers and write “CZ” on your ticket and watch the next five games to see if you’ve won! For each game 0 out of 11 pays $40; 5 out of 11 pays $2; 6 out of 11 pays $40; 7 out of 11 pays $100; 8 out of 11 pays $1000; 9 out of 11 pays $10,000; 10 out of 11 pays $50,000; 11 out of 11 pays $100,000

You purchase tickets at the main Keno counter. Your selected numbers remain the same until your ticket is completed. No Quit Race allowed. Also check your tickets for accuracy prior to leaving the Keno counter. All jackpots will be paid by computer generated tickets. You need to 21 and over to play this game.

7. Monthly VIP Keno Tournament

Monthly Keno Tournament You can also join for VIP Keno Tournament on the last Friday of each month.

You can also join for VIP Keno Tournament on the last Friday of each month from 2 pm to 10 pm. You can win your share of $2,000 in cash prizes! Play a minimum of $300 to qualify for the cash prizes. Just sign up at the Keno Lounge.

How To Play Keno Progressives In Atlantis?


Kevin from La Pine, Oregon scored an $82,000 jackpot playing Dragon Cash Autumn Moon in our High Limit Area.

The retiree says he’ll use his winnings to buy a motorhome.

Congrats Kevin!

For more info on our High Limit Area, visit

— Atlantis Reno (@atlantiscasino) September 10, 2021

The Atlantis offers an interesting 10-cent rate in its Mega Keno progressive Keno games to play. The payouts are based on hitting all of the spots or almost all of them, thus this is a good way for a relatively large win for just a dime per ticket or per way. The paytable is as follows: Catch 4-of-4, win $23. Catch 5-of-5, win $110. Catch 6-of-6, win $540. Catch 6-of-7, win $5; 7-of-7, win $2,750. Catch 7-of-8, win $40 and catch all 8 solid to win $15,000.

Through the proper use of ways you can get paid for any hit of 4-spots and up, if caught the right way. As an example the cheapest option is using grouping of 4-2-1-1. This would give you two 4s, two 5s, two 6s, two 7s, and an 8, which at 10 cents way would give you nine total ways, costing you 90 cents per game.

There is a 50 game minimum on straight tickets but since this is a way ticket you will probably be allowed to play just six games as this would put the ticket over $5. Check with the writers at the counter for details. The return at this rate is around 70%, very reasonable for such a low per-ticket or per-way rate.

Being that the payouts are concentrated at the high end you will win more when you win and lose more when you lose. Since you are only risking 90 cents a game most will find this a good way to play.

What Other Casino Games Can You Play At Atlantis Casino?

Casino games at Atlantis  There are over 1,400 of the latest slot games and video poker machines to enjoy

Besides Keno games to play, you can play various other casino games at the Atlantis Casino. Enjoy Slots games, Table Games, Races and Sports booking, High Limit games, Poker games as well as Progressive Jackpot games.  There are over 1,400 of the latest slot games and video poker machines, popular state-wide progressives including Megabucks and more than 700 penny slot machines.

Watch out for hot new titles from Konami, Aristocrat, IGT and more! Some of the popular slot games to play are

Buffalo GambleFu Tao Peach Of RichesTemple Of Fire MultiPlaySolar Disc Grand

Among table games try your hand at Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat, Roulette and much more! Atlantis is the progressive place to play in Reno, featuring Pai Gow Progressive now available on all tables. Comp points are now available instantly while playing your favorite table game.

The Poker Room at Atlantis offers the region’s best games and promotions alongside texting for seat availability and state-of-the-art flat screen TV’s visible from every table. Live game players are awarded an unprecedented $3/Hour in comps!

 Play your favorite games and earn generous rewards when you join Reno’s best rewards program, Monarch Rewards.

Dining at Atlantis CasinoDining at Atlantis Casino

Besides playing Keno you can also enjoy good food at authentic New York-style Manhattan Deli or Toucan Charlie’s Buffet & Grille. The Atlantis Steakhouse is perfect for a romantic dinner for two or group dining for 15 to 50 in a private setting. A modern take on the traditional, Atlantis Steakhouse offers aged prime cuts, tableside dining and an array of classic cocktails. Atlantis is located just minutes from the airport, golf courses and world-class skiing. Complimentary airport shuttle service is provided, and acres of free valet and self-parking are available. So next time you are in Atlantis sure go to enjoy Keno first. Want to play Keno games online try your luck here.


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