How To Win In Vegas (11 Tips To Win More Money)

11 Tips To Win More Money in Vegas

With bright lights, an unlimited selection of games, and a fantastic atmosphere, casinos have genuinely become a unique entertainment form. They quickly draw in new visitors, creating an illusion that they can win big in Vegas and walk out of there with millions in their pockets. While it has happened before, players fail to beat the casino at its own game more often than not.

As soon as they walk into a casino, players get the urge to win a lot of money. Yet, if you want to get one up on a casino, you need to stay focused and have a few tricks up your sleeve. So, if you’re planning a trip to the USA’s casino capital, we’ll help you learn how to win in Vegas.

1: Practice Games and Strategies Beforehand

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Organize a poker or blackjack game night, sit down with your friends, and practice. Learn all the rules, and play the game until you get the hang of it. You should never play a game you’re not comfortable with — in most cases, it won’t end well for you. You can also hit up an online casino that allows Free Play. That way, you can practice various games without investing any money.

The first step to winning in Vegas is finding a game you’re good at. Once you do that, everything else should fall into place.

2: Avoid Using One Strategy Across All Games

Most casino enthusiasts will tell you that the only way to win big in slots is to hit the Max Bet button.  And, they’re not wrong. But, you shouldn’t always use the same strategy because every game requires a different approach.

So, if you’re wondering how to win money in Vegas, the answer might be disappointing — there are no strict rules. You need to know the game and learn its house edge, and use an appropriate strategy if you want to boost your chances of winning.

3: Stay Hydrated, but Avoid Alcohol When Gambling

Drinking alcohol in casinos almost guarantees you’ll lose. While most casinos give out free drinks to the players, you should know better and stick to water or soda.

Alcohol is notorious for clouding people’s judgment, and casinos usually rely on it. It’s the drunk gamblers that ensure a casino’s profit.

So, here’s how to win in Vegas — stay focused on the game and keep your mind clear of any distractions.

4: Choose Table Games Over Slots

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According to casino experts, table games have a lower house edge compared to slots. If you don’t understand the term “house edge,” here’s a short explanation — it represents a percentage of all wagers a casino keeps. Thus, you want to play games with a low house edge.

By far, the game with the best odds is blackjack, followed by craps and roulette. The worst games you can play to win big in Vegas are the Wheel of Fortune and slot machines.

5: Win and Walk Away

The only real way to win some money in a casino is to know when to stop and walk away. The games are designed to lure you in with their massive cash prizes. But, no matter how close you feel to that large sum of money, the casino knows better. So, quit while you’re ahead and don’t risk losing the money you already won.

If you ask experienced casino players how to win in Vegas, they’ll all say the same thing — know when to stop.

5: Visit Quiet Craps Tables

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If you prefer fast-paced games, craps might be the right choice. But, craps tables are known for being loud. Both players and those who observe the game get caught up in that rush of adrenaline. This can lead to things getting pretty heated.

Thus, if you want to avoid placing bad bets and increase your odds of winning in Vegas, try to find a calm and secluded craps table. It’ll help you relax and remain focused on the game.

6: In Baccarat — Bet With the Banker

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While there are many strategies to use while playing baccarat, one general advice you should follow is to bet with the banker. In baccarat, there are two sides — the player’s and the banker’s side. More than 50% of the time, the banker will win. So, betting with the banker is common sense. 

Consequently, all our readers wondering how to win money in Vegas while playing baccarat should stick to this trick.

7: Look for a Clumsy or Inexperienced Blackjack Dealer

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Card-counting can be a profitable strategy in blackjack. But, there aren’t many people who can do it without getting caught. So, if you’re new to blackjack, it’s better to look for a clumsy dealer that might accidentally flash the face-down card. It will give you the necessary advantage to help you win big in Vegas.

To conclude — don’t sit at the first blackjack table you see in a casino. Walk around a bit, explore, and look at how the dealers shuffle their cards. Then, you can decide where to play.

8: Don’t Play Keno

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While not all casinos feature this game, if you run into one that does, don’t get drawn in by the cash prize. In certain casinos, keno comes with a 35% house edge, an astronomical number compared to blackjack’s 1%.

This means you are far more likely to lose, mainly because no players have managed to hit all 20 numbers. So, if you plan on winning in Vegas, don’t play keno.

9: Avoid Brightly Colored and Flashy Games

In our experience, those who have never been to a casino will always go for the most attractive games. In most cases, these games are the ones with the worst odds, i.e., slot machines.

Casinos like to dress them up and make them more appealing to inexperienced players.

Consequently, you can lose a lot more money if you stick with these games. Believe us — anyone who knows how to win in Vegas will tell you to stick to plain and simple casino games. 

10: Stay Away From Progressive Slots

While progressive slots offer jaw-dropping prizes we all want to get our hands on, they have some of the worst odds. The larger the prize, the higher the volatility.

However, if you’re set on playing slots, go for titles with low volatility. That way, you can play longer and increase your odds of winning in Vegas.

Moreover, before you start spinning the reels, find the paytable, and see each game’s payout percentage. It’ll help you decide which slot machine to play on.


The crucial thing to remember is that your casino visit should be fun. Don’t let yourself get carried away, know when to quit, and always gamble responsibly. Focus on having a good time, and stop worrying about how to win in Vegas. More often than not, it can be counterproductive and lead to significant losses. So, relax, play to your strengths, and enjoy what the casino has to offer.

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