How to play pokies and win real money – Basic rules and some good strategies

Almost everybody in Australia knows how to play pokies and win good money, as it is the most favorite game in this country and all of the local people like playing it. It is not surprising at all, as pokies is a very easy, interesting and entertaining game, plus even a new casino player can understand its simple rules. Also, it is not necessary to own any additional skills or knowledge to start playing pokies and win. That is why the game attracts more and more people every day. The good news is that you can understand how to play free pokies only just by practicing without making any deposit. And at the same time, pokies offer many different bonuses which will help you to save enough and win more.

Basic rules of how to play pokies

Pokies is the most popular game in Australia and New Zeland. There you can find a lot of the slot machines in any pub or casino where you can easily play, or you can just enjoy the game online right from your home. Doesn’t matter how and where you choose to play, the basic pokies rules will remain the same:

To play the game is possible with the money, or using bonuses and free credits;The placed bet determines the potencial return. If your bet will be small you will get a little money, and contrary if you place a big bet, you can earn a lot;Wild symbols increase your chances to win, as they replace almost all of the other symbols on the reels except the scatter;Scatters are always effective if they appear on the reels, also in most cases they can trigger free spins;Multipliers can multiply your winnings up to 2x, 5x, 100x or even more;The max payline always triggers the biggest jackpot;You can win if you make the correct combination on the reels.

It’s very important to learn and understand the rules of how to play pokies machines and actually any game you start playing because the ultimate result depends not only on your luck but also on you and the good strategy.

Free tips and strategies of how to win pokies machines

Playing pokies is not hard, though there are some useful tips and strategies that will help you to reduce the risks of losing money and win more. Here are some of them:

Try to learn and understand paylines and symbols and always choose the highest payline with a big RTP;Try pokies for free if that is your first time. Practice enough and see how other experienced casino users play and only then start playing for real money.To avoid the risk of losing, play pokies with the low volatility as it is much safer, though the winnings can be smaller than pokies with high volatility;Always take advantage of bonuses, they will give you more chances to win;Pay attention to bonus rounds: they are the specific features that have a mini-game inside the main game. In most cases they offer very big winnings.

If you decided to play pokies, always remember to find out all the available information about the game and the main tips which will make it safer to play and help to save money. Like this, you will be able to relax and enjoy the game.

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