Classic Vs Modern Vs Online Slots Guide to know and play

Introduction to Slot MachinesIntroduction to Slot Machines

There are some many different styles of slot machine that is found in the modern world; it’s difficult to know about it all. Which one is the best is tough to answer. Let’s find out, in brief, the way that classic, modern, and online slots operate. Here is the Classic Vs Modern Vs Online Slots Guide.

How classic slots work

How Classic Slots WorkHow Classic Slots Work

These slots are also called mechanical slots, for good reason. Old-school slot machine games work like a clock; with operations based on the movement of a specific configuration of levers, gears, and buttons.

If you were to open up a classic slot machine and look under the hood; you’d see one main central metal shaft supporting the game’s reels. You can consider this as the heart of the machine. It is linked to the lever’s other handle mechanism that initiates a round of play.

The machine also has to spin reels to one of a series of specific stopping points; so you’ll notice a braking system also. Today, these braking systems got kind of high-tech; since these were the parts of the machine most divide the operator time and money.

Sensors in Classic Slots

Sensors in Classic SlotsSensors in Classic Slots

You will also find a group of sensors that indicate where the reels have stopped, and initiate the payout system. The whole thing is associated with another sensor at the “coin-in” position. It indicates if the proper amount of money has been inserted; and opens up the game’s braking system so the handle and reels can move.

Older versions of mechanical slot machines didn’t have the kinds of sensors you’re probably thinking about. They used mechanical devices to “read” the coin and dispense the proper amount of coins into the hopper.

What about those spinning reels? These are attached to that main shaft we described above are three special discs. These discs have notches in specific places that match up with the kicker paddles. All these discs connect to the three reels and are the power of the game’s final decision.

Those kicker paddles are placed on a second shaft below the main shaft; each of which supports a paddle-shaped piece of metal. Connected to that additional shaft – a series of stoppers and “teeth” that fit appropriately into the notched discs described above.

These slots are powered by spring tensions. The kicker paddles and all the stoppers were spring-loaded and were held even in standby position due to spring tension.

The machine’s stoppers were held tightly against the discs, locked in place. When anyone pulls the handle or lever to initiate a round of play; the parts described above do their work with the potential energy offered them by the springs.

You cannot see all that. What the player sees are the spinning symbols, the lights on the machine’s case; and the coins dropping into the hopper.

Although, this system may not necessarily apply to every classic slot machine ever made. But most games with multiple reels and more complex clockworks were common by the end of the mechanical slots’ heyday in the 1950s.

Slot machines are of various forms; though their basic design was limited by the number of mechanical elements that would fit in the case. The elements can be managed in various ways; and they can be adorned with all sorts of lights, noisemakers, and (eventually) basic graphic, audio, and video effects.

How modern slots work

How Modern Slots WorkHow Modern Slots Work

Modern slots are found at a casino today and on the floor. Some casinos will have a few classic-style machines available; with just a few reels and simplified gameplay, but even those machines will run on the latest “brain.”

Here are the basics of how a modern slot game works.

Here are the basics of how a modern slot game workHere are the basics of how a modern slot game work

Such machines are based on a system of virtual reels, rather than real mechanical ones. As each of these virtual reels can have an unlimited number of virtual symbols; modern games have multiple play lines, reels, and other features that just weren’t possible with a mechanical design.

The spinning action of mechanical reels makes those games random. This spinning function has been replaced by a gadget called a random number generator. Each reel’s stop position and the symbol associate with that position is ascertained by this random number generator at the time the player presses the “Spin” button. This is Classic Vs Modern Vs Online Slots Guide.

As watching an algorithm pick random numbers would be boring; the game’s display shows an animation of spinning symbols or some other audio-visual. Designers can alter these virtual reels (and the random number generator itself) to adjust a machine’s payout percentage and other features.

The introduction of electronic and digital components to slots has created an amazing range of game styles. Slot games now feature complex plots, immersive audio and visual experiences; licensed characters from films and TV shows, 3D graphics; and many bonuses and side games and also wagers to offer a better user experience and game’s replay value. Modern slots are less like the clunky mechanical one-armed bandits, and more like a computer or console games.

How Online Slots WorkHow Online Slots Work

As of now, you understand the difference between mechanical and modern slot games. How modern slots depend on a random number generator system and not on a series of gears and levers. You will also understand the basics of how online slots work. Since slot game outcomes can be produced without levers and gears; it makes sense that slots don’t really need a physical presence at all.

Then why actually screen and case are needed, when you can easily replicate the whole experience with animation? In fact, online slots are nothing more than modern slot games presented in a graphic interface and are available on the Internet.

You can play these online slots for fun, or real money wagers at online casinos. This is the part of Classic Vs Modern Vs Online Slots Guide.

These sots are designed to pay bonuses to players, just like earning reward points at a casino’s slot club. Online games are often clubbed to produce progressive jackpots, just like slots on the casino floor. Web-based slots come in many varieties; from classic-style three-reel titles to more modern licensed games with skill elements and 3D graphics.


Slots are the core of any casino and with so many of them; it becomes even more difficult to select which is the best one. But now, we hope it will be easier for you to decide and know which the best is and what to select.


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