Cash Games Or Tournaments- Which Is The Best Format For You To Play

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when you are thinking to play poker is whether you want to focus on cash games or poker tournaments in India. Though most of the players struggle between these two, they mainly focus on any one of them at last.

Well, you will be playing the same game as cash games and tournaments require very similar skill tests if you want to become successful. You can pick any one of them, and you can make money from any one of them, but a good poker tournament player does not need to have a good amount of cash as like a cash player. Whether to choose the cash games or tournaments, there are some of the factors to keep in mind, and they are described below-

Tournaments vs. Cash Games- Which Is Better In Terms Of Profit Perspective

One of the main things that people are mainly concerned about is the total amount of money they can expect while playing poker. This makes sense when if you are looking to game up a big game in a serious note and you are investing a lot of money and time into something and hence, you want to get some return.

The question is when you will make more money, in the cash games or tournament?

There is no such clear cut answer, as it mainly depends upon the skill level, the average skill level of the competition and the type of volume you are willing to put in. when you compare tournament with real cash games, the later ones are less volatile. Tournaments are great beasts, in several cases; a good tournament player will go a full year without making any money.

Single Big Scores or Many Small Scores

The bulk of the profit from tournaments will come through various events where you can manage to finish in the top 3 spots. The rest of the result will help you to keep the bankroll healthy, and you can get into black when you manage to book one slot or two and win. However, with the cash games, there are no such big wins. So, to sum it up, both are profitable, and you can realize the profits of both of them differently.

You Need To Have Bigger Bankroll in Poker Tournaments

We all know that tournaments are softer, but you still need to have a bigger bankroll to get started and play the tournaments. However, with the cash games, you can start with 40 buy-ins for your chosen level. For tournaments, you can have 80 to 100 on average buy-ins which is safe.

Hence, this blog does not direct you to any one of the directions as both tournaments, and poker cash games have good and bad sides. While choosing any one of them, be sure to pick the one that suits your skill level.

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