Best Poker Variations of 2020

Best Poker Variations Of 2020

Today, if someone asks if we play poker, they’re probably and surely referring to Texas Hold ’em. Most of us know that this complicated, yet diligent game of poker has more than one variant to it, other than Texas Hold ’em. This is due to the increase in popularity of the game over the past decades, and thanks to the Word Poker series and the famous movie Rounders.

Apart from Hold’em, there are many other variations to this classic game. Sometimes at “friendly” game tables, the dealer even gives the players an option of choosing the type of poker they want to play. Check out the article, to find out more about the different variations of poker.


7- Card stud

Before the popularity of Hold ’em poker, stud poker used to stay on top of the list. In 7- card stud poker, each player receives their own hand, out of which some of the cards are faced down and hidden from the players, while the others will be faced up for the opponents to see. A player must make the best possible 5-card hand out of the seven cards to win the game.


The horse isn’t a separate variation of poker. However, it is an amalgam of five different poker variants:

Hold ’em
Omaha Hi/Lo

These type of poker games are generally played in high stake matches and tournaments and also in the World Series of Poker.


It is a different version of the Hold ’em poker and involves 2-10 players in a single game. Unlike Hold ’em, each player is dealt with four different cards, and the five community cards are revealed.  The players must always make a best of 5 cards using two of their hole cards and three from the standard cards.



It is a variation of the stud poker, in which players make an aim to make the lowest hands possible. The ranking of this kind of poker is slightly different from the other forms where straights and flushes do not mean anything because the game aims at making lower hands.

Chinese Poker

Chinese poker is quite different from the typical poker variants and the only prerequisite or the game is using poker hand rules. It is an easy game and is meant mainly for beginners. The game demands practice daily when you start playing, will you be able to talk up the points.

Short Deck

This is another fun variant of the Texas Hold ’em poker, which is a compulsory game in high stake cash games and other famous tournament series of games. The hand rankings are slightly different when compared to the traditional poker rules. The game also uses fewer cards, that provides a better chance of making a hand. But players need to keep in mind the opponents’ skills as they always have a better chance of winning frequently.

Short Deck


It is a type of poker variant that hasn’t grown popular despite being around for ages now. However, it is easy to both learn and play, if you’re aware of Hold ’em poker rules and gameplay. This version of Hold’em was never featured in any of the WSOP events but was a part of small EPT events.

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