5 Beginners Tips To Win Poker Tournaments

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Poker tournaments are a little tougher than cash games. Especially if you are a beginner, playing tournaments may seem like a struggle.

However, poker tournaments are a viable option for most players as they can boost their chance of winning while learning the game. Although the luck factor is there, having the right skills can give a competitive edge over your opponent.

Players from all over the world are playing online poker for real money. In this post, we will walk you through a few important tips on playing poker tournaments to win real money.

Adjust your strategy according to the game

Every poker tournament has three different stages. You do not want to play each stage using the same strategy. During the beginning stage, for example, there is heavy pressure from the blinds to the stacks, so it is not needed to risk chips to win small blinds.  

What you should wait for is the right opportunity. Wait for good hands in the middle and later stage of the tournament to make sure that your chip stack is blinded out quickly.

Push or fold strategy

When you find there are less than 15 big blinds left in your current stack, consider two options:

Folding pre-flop or
Raising all-in

If you raise or call small, another player has the option to make you re-raise, which you do not want. When you have a small stack and raise all-in, either you get called to have a chance to win at showdown or expose the blinds without a contest if others fold.

Use small bet

Whether you raise post-flop or pre-flop, make sure you bet a minimum amount. In tournaments, using small bets is recommended in the middle and later stages of the game.

Stay aggressive

Being passive in poker tournaments is not going to help you win. If you only call with your hands, having the best hand at showdown is the only way to win the pot.

When you are the one to bet and raise, the situation becomes opposite as your opponents need to have the best hand in case he decided to call you.

You can win the pot either by having a better hand at showdown or making your opponent fold.

Steal the blinds to make final tables

When there are a few tables left, players will carefully. Players who make it to the final table will be rewarded with big prizes. But how to make sure that you win? Successfully stealing the blinds at the later stage of the tournament can make you win big.

Remember these tips the next time you play an online poker tournament. And practice as many games as you can before playing real tournaments.  

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